We believe that for new ideas to flourish we need to break down the boundaries between art and science and work collaboratively across different subject areas.Find out more about some of our collaborative projects here.

Gabriel Tang

Design Futures

Design Futures is a commercially focused product and packaging design consultancy group, who use design and fresh thinking to help companies to invigorate thier products and packaging,acheive competitive advantage and contribute to thier bottom line. Find out more information about Design Futures and what they do, by visiting the Design Futures website here.


Lab4Living is an exciting collaboration between ADRC and the Health and Social Care Research Centre. This creative partnership brings together research expertise spanning the fields of health, rehabilitation, design, engineering,ergonomics and user led design. Find more information about Lab4Living and what they do, by visiting the Lab4Living website here.


Transmission is an historically respected project exploring the relationship between fine art making, language and response and including study of archives and translation. Now in its fourteenth year, Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia, and is a collaboration between Fine Art, the Art & Design Research Centre, and Site Gallery. For more information, visit the Transmission website here.


GRAVITY is a forum for discussion of the significance and diversity of material practices in contemporary art to stimulate dialogue on issues of art and culture. The project encompasses a wide range of artistic traditions and takes a broad interdisciplinary approach to making and thinking about art. GRAVITY also run a lecture series based in the Fine Art subject area at Sheffield Institue of Arts, which encourages dynamic discussions that connect art practice to science, architecture, literature, film and technology. GRAVITY also offers the possibility of collaboration with MERI (Materials and Engineering Research Institute). For further information, visit the GRAVITY website here.

For further information on our research activities please visit the C3RI Impact Blog

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