A celebration of work by Young Makers in Sheffield Region Schools.

DIMENSIONS is a showcase of work by Young Makers, nominated by teachers, selected and curated by an expert panel from the Sheffield Institute of Arts.  For the makers, their teachers, technicians and families it is a chance to celebrate and feel proud of their achievement.  For visitors not only will they see exceptional work by young makers in the Sheffield Region but the exhibition will help raise awareness of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) related education in schools.  The setting of the Sheffield Institute of Arts provides a clear link between subjects in schools and degrees which lead to STEAM and Design related careers.

Teachers may nominate pupils from any Key Stage which they feel have produced an outstanding piece of work.  

Work can be anything made by a pupil in Art, Design, Technology, Craft, Engineering, Electronics, or any other subject where the outcome is a physical artefact with a hand-made element, 2D or 3D.  

Work is professionally displayed and open to the public in the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery.

We celebrate these young makers by inviting them, their families, teachers and technicians to an opening night on Friday 6th July 2018.  

During the evening guests are treated to canapés from our 'Create a Canapé' competition finalists. This is a region-wide competition open to year 10 and above.  Pupils design and enter their recipes; if short-listed pupils get to make them in our specialists kitchens overseen by professional chefs.

Dates for 2018

Deadline for nominating work: Friday 8th June Midnight
Opening Night and Celebration: Friday 6th July, 7pm
Teacher Preview and refreshments: Friday 6th July, 6pm
Show open to the public: Sat 7th - Wed 18th July
Saturday Event (DIMENSIONS Convention): Saturday 7th July

How do I nominate work for the show?

It’s quick and easy!  Please take a good quality photograph, showing as much of the artefact as possible then email it to Dimensions@shu.ac.uk.  Please put ‘Dimensions entries from [name of your school] in the email title.

We say Sheffield Region schools (Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire, Bolsover) but we have been known to accept work from Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire too.


You are invited to a special preview with refreshments on the opening night: 6pm on Friday 6th July.  

Part of the motivation for this show is to support teachers and schools who provide opportunities for young people to make.  For keeping making and creative subjects alive in schools and all the benefits this brings to the lives of young people.  We want to celebrate you and your technicians as well!

There will also be the first DIMENSIONS Convention on Saturday 7th July.

Make Imagine Connect

A coming together of educators, creative and cultural organisations and the community to place making at the heart of learning.  Hands on creative workshops, information from cultural organisations and a chance to share ideas and form potential collaborations.

Working with you

Be part of celebrating these amazing subjects in schools, keep creating, making and sharing the wonderful things you do.

Further your networks of teachers and find out what Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield Institute of Arts can do for you.

Come and see the amazing display of work by talented young people in the home of the Sheffield Institute of Arts gallery.

Keep creative subjects alive in schools!

Some comments from last year  

School and teacher involvement is crucial to the success of the show and things have to work for you so we're always looking to seek advice and feedback from you – building a network of teachers who can support one another and help the development of these subjects for the future.

We really hope you can be involved this year, please email Dimensions@shu.ac.uk for further information or queries.

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