Wisdoms Special Workshop

December 1 2018 – December 1 2018

This is a rare opportunity for a group of people to attempt to think together to gain insight into what matters and engage in collective meaning making. The format is a Bohm Dialogue - this provides a space of freedom where anything can be said, no one is an expert and everything is up for grabs.

Bohm believed that the only way to solve society's problems was to start right here - with language, thought and paying attention to the inevitable obstacles that hinder meaning making together (habits of communication, assumptions and stubborn thought and language processes). This event is open to members of the public as well as to the Sheffield Hallam community of staff and students. 
All welcome
Whilst much has changed since Pope Gregory described universities as 'wisdom’s special workshop’ in the early 13th century, the heart of the matter for many of us teaching or learning in them remains the same: We want to think in new ways, be challenged in our potential, find ways to improve social reality and learn from those around us despite inevitable differences. Wisdom’s Special Workshop allows Sheffield Hallam University to open its doors to any member of the public interested in wisdom - i.e. discovering shared meaning and learning for the sake of transformation on both an individual and social level. Bohm Dialogue is a method for people from a diverse range of backgrounds to meet together in order to listen, think and discover meaning as a microcosm of society, in this case of Sheffield society. Rather than start with a set topic, a Bohm Dialogue starts with 'no agenda' - the group must discover what they need to talk about in order to learn, discover and address wider issues of concern:
Dialogue, as we are choosing to use the word, is a way of exploring the roots of the many crises that face humanity today. It enables inquiry into, and understanding of, the sorts of processes that fragment and interfere with real communication between individuals, nations and even different parts of the same organization. In our modern culture men and women are able to interact with one another in many ways: They can sing dance or play together with little difficulty but their ability to talk together about subjects that matter deeply to them seems invariable to lead to dispute, division and often to violence. In our view this condition points to a deep and pervasive defect in the process of human thought. Dialogue is a way of observing, collectively, how hidden values and intentions can control our behaviour, and how unnoticed cultural differences can clash without our realizing what is occurring. It can therefore be seen as an arena in which collective learning takes place and out of which a sense of increased harmony, fellowship and creativity can arise.
David Bohm
You can read more about Bohm Dialogue here
Saturday December 1st 2018, 10am- 5pm
Hallam View, Owen Building (opposite Millennium Galleries) City Campus (Hallam View is just above main reception - take white stairs, turn right at the top)
Wisdom’s Special workshop is held once a semester. This is not a drop in, attendance from 10am is required. Tea & coffee available and there will be a break for lunch.
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