Utter rubbish: conversations about litter and waste. Frazer Hudson, Joanne Lee, Joanna Rucklidge

April 21 2018 – May 18 2018

Utter rubbish is a project about our complex relationship to discarded materials.

It attends to the everyday instances of littering and fly-tipping that blight the city of Sheffield as elsewhere, and considers the resources wasted when we fail to recycle the rubbish our society so readily generates. Rather than reaching for easy judgement and too neat solutions, the project tries to linger with devalued stuff and to rethink the responses we can and do have to what has been thrown away.
Recurrently walking the city, we have gathered objects, images and films, and have developed from our findings a series of poetic, playful and critical works that seek to deepen and complicate our connections with what we try to get rid of. Art schools have long been a place for valuing things differently, for scavenging and repurposing, and for developing alternative narratives about what is possible: as lecturers and researchers at Sheffield Institute of Arts we want to communicate the complexity of waste and generate conversations about its potential, through these works using rubbish both as material and metaphor.
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