Brollie Brollie Brollie

March 24 2017 – April 8 2017

Brollie Brollie Brollie is a two week long festival of exhibitions around the city, showcasing the works of Fine Art and Creative Art Practice students.

This is an ambitious professional practice opportunity and an exciting challenge for our students. Nine groups of  second year students have been working on ideas and themes for exhibitions that will open in various venues around Sheffield. Each group is responsible for all aspects of their exhibitions from finding the venues, curating the exhibitions, publicity, opening event, catalogue, press release, project management, budget management, and the installation of the show. The results are brought together in a symposium on the 23 May where the outcomes are discussed and celebrated with an invited curator.  

‘ADAPTED’ = Changed, adjusted, transformed, modified, re-worked.

‘Adapted’ is informed by a collective sense of materiality, surface and texture.

A selection of specific objects, colours and materials are exhibited in 2D and 3D forms that represent the individual practices of Emery Buck, Joy Cooper, Mandy Gamsu,
Annabelle Kershaw, Beth Lawman, Ruby Wilson, Anne Byerlery.

Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, Sheffield, S2 5SZ
Opening Event: Tuesday 28th March 6.30 - 8.30pm
Open Wednesday 29th March 10 - 4pm


Fuse Art collective is pleased to announce new exhibition ‘EPNS’ which will be held in APG works Sheffield. The old cutlery factory will feature work which plays with the logic of perspective in relationship to the home. This exhibition features new work from Beth Edge, Fiona Gore, Frances Hodson, Kate Howard, Grace Murray, Chloe Slack, Emma Thorn-Lees and Jack Weller. The merging of eight artists work gives an alternate interpretation to how one views the individuals work as a singular embodiment of its common theme.

APG Works,16-20 Sidney Street, S1 4RH
Opening Event: Friday 31st 19.00 – 21.00
Open March 30th - 31st 2017


Every piece of work has a different meaning and thought process; all works in this exhibition are influenced by the journey. Each work takes a trip of some kind. On display will be a diverse set of works in film, photography, painting, and craft each portraying colour, pattern, size and texture in captivating ways. Each work speaks to the concept of time, process and journey. Heather Stephenson , Regan Hirst, Sophie Rigby, Jess Tidmas, Alaina Chambers, Jess Morris

The Hide
Opening Event: 4th April 19.00 – 22.00


In this exhibition the artists will be exploring and experimenting with portraiture using a range of different medium including watercolour, acrylic, pencil sculpture and many more. The exhibition will be an emotional response to subjects including race, beauty, hidden identity and mental health. The artists invite you to join them on this emotional journey of discovery.

Panagiota Foukkari, Ami Miles, Julia Odawa, Sahba Shams, Jess Sharman, Kelly Hambly, Rebecca Ncube, Summer Qi.

Gage Gallery, 40 Ball Street, Sheffield, S3 8DB
Opening Event: Friday 24 March at 18.00 – 20.00

Open to Interpretation –
                   -it’s quite self-explanatory, really

This exhibition consists of nine artists whose individual practices cover a range of different themes and ideas, conveyed through a variation of mediums. The works enable the audience to make their own assumptions and personal connections, due to the apparent absence in each piece.

Amy Carter, Ella Davis, Sophie Gibson, Victoria Hall,
Hannah E Jones, Hannah V Jones, Laura Mee, Sophie Wightman. 

Gage Gallery, 40 Ball Street,  Sheffield,  S3 8DB
Opening Event: 7th April 6.00 – 9.00
Open 8th and 10 April 11.00 – 16.00


Groobawala is an experimental one day event hosted by artists Damien Fisher and Lucy Lound at Mother Cap in the Peak District, exploring themes ranging from performative being to the expansion of spaceship.

Mother Cap is just off from the Surprise View carpark and bus stop, bus route 271 and 272 from Sheffield Interchange.

Event date and time: 24 March at 13:00–16:00

The Baal Think Tank

The exhibition Is based around a sort of uncanny un settling theme whilst still remaining non-threatening and inviting, encouraging the audience to engage by challenging their perception on our work.

Elans Cederstrems, Bede Robinson, Juliana Zhu, Martin Wadlow, David Roper.

Derbyshire Lane, Sheffield, S8 8SE

Opening Event: 4th of April 4pm


The space between sleeping and waking - personal demons and paranormal photography based on experiences and imagination.

Jodie Couling, Sophie Graham, Joanna Huckstepp,
Dove and Rainbow, 2, Hartshead Sq, S1 2FD
Opening Times:  April  6th 13.00 – 15.00


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