All Our Brains

November 19 2016 – December 23 2016

All Our Brains is a group exhibition resulting from five months of discussion - using creativity to interpret and unravel different kinds of dementia.

The exhibition brings together community groups, artists, students, health professionals and people with dementia in a cross-disciplinary creative exploration of dementia and its effects on people's lives.  

One aim of the project was to develop a relationship between Sheffield Hallam University students working in film, arts and health and social care, with key front-line dementia communities and organisations in Sheffield. All Our Brains has engaged individuals with dementia, carers and ex-carers, health professionals, students, artists, community organisations/groups and Alzheimer’s Research UK, as well as wider publics. Together we have explored various dementia issues and themes using different creative processes, resulting in an exhibition including existing artworks by artists, as well as new work emerging from unique collaborations also involving non-artists, individuals who have never exhibited before.

The exhibition All Our Brains has gradually developed through an extensive process of discussion, including workshops and symposia. It builds on over a decade of research, national advocacy work, and campaigning as well as drawing on our own personal frontline experience for we – Lee and Andrew Pearse – were both carers for our mother, Valerie Pearse, who had a relatively unknown dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD).

Exhibition contributors: Roger Baker, Julie Blacker, Siana Glen, Ryan Green, Diane Hinchliffe, Ibraheem Abdul Kareem, Barbara Lewis, Leon Lockley, Chris Lowe, RichardMallend, J S May, Andrew Pearse, Lee Pearse, Saskia Peet, Jake Richardson, Grace Stead, Judy Stevenson, Kate Tuckett, Esme Turner, Lucas Turner, Andy Vine, Neil Webb.

Cantor Building Atrium

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