Northern Light

July 5 2016 – July 31 2016

An exhibition exploring contemporary photographic practice in relation to the northern landscape and its representations.

This exhibition (linked to the Northern Light Conference) explores the ways that photographic images address notions of a Northern landscape – whether drawing on established traditions of art and photography or whether concerned with contemporary photographic and lens based practice.

The exhibition includes work by Mark Adams, Tom Baskeyfield, Jacqueline Butler, Anne Cambell, Matthew Conduit, Kevin Crooks, Michael Day, Liza Dracup, Sabine Dundure, Sophie Gerrard, Alexandra Hughes, Henry Iddon, Mitch Karunaratne, Michelle Lazenby, Anna Lilleengen, Adam Murray, Mario Popham, Simon Roberts,  Andrew Robinson, Sonya Robinson, Theo Simpson, Ravinder Surah, Jonny Sutton, Patrick Wichert and Chi Yan Wong.

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