Economic impact

Sheffield Institute of Arts is at the heart of Sheffield's rebirth as the home of creative industries in the north. Many of our students stay in the city as practising artists and designers, often setting up new businesses and consultancies.

A collection of art objects

The creative and design industries in Sheffield have an annual turnover of over £1 billion. They employ more than 18,000 people in the city region. That's 7.2% of the population - well over the national average.

Nationally, the creative industries, which include the film, TV and music industries, are one of the fastest growing areas of the UK economy, generating £76.9 billion a year - or £8.8 million an hour.

This thriving state means there are more jobs than ever in the creative and design industries. So the future is bright for the 2,000 talented students in the institute, who will go on to play their part in the growth of the regional and national economy when they graduate.

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