Exploring virtual reality prosthetics

Active Project: 

This project is building on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team at SHU together with input from users and young people to develop a methodology for prosthetic limb design and assessment.

A key output will be the development a Virtual Reality (VR) system to evaluate the acceptability of upper limb prostheses designs.

To date the project team have reviewed publications about users’ views and have involved pupils at Sheffield University Technical College in the design process. See the video below detailing their involvement in a hands-on workshop day with students visiting from a similar educational establishment in Denmark.

The team have also established links with an employer specialising in prosthesis development and manufacture, and with a rehabilitation team at the Northern General Hospital.

The project also featured at a public event during the Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering. Plans for the future of the project include working with users to evaluate their responses to the VR system and disseminating our findings through a wide range of avenues including publications, conferences, exhibitions and events.

See more detail on the WordPress site developed by one of the SHU students contributing to the project.

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