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Make the Link is an innovative, EU-funded curriculum development project involving CSE and a development charity called Practical Action in this country and other bodies across four European countries.

It was set up to explore how science and technology can make a real contribution to development across the globe and improve the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people on the planet.

 We have developed four teaching units which explore some of the issues we all have to face: clean drinking water, cooking our food, the impact of climate change and how we can preserve food so that it is not wasted. Students explore these topics through investigative practical work, discussions and online research and produce solutions that can make life better for us all. Underlying all of this work is an appreciation that for many people on our planet these issues are matters of survival day-to-day.

We have currently trained over a hundred teachers and teaching students and plan to deliver more training in the coming months. The resources that support the project are also available free here.

It is good to be part of an initiative that positively seeks to develop global awareness in students alongside real capabilities in inquiry work in science. It is also encouraging that one of SHU's own teaching students described the project and approach as having had a huge impact on pupil engagement, especially in physics

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