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Research Fellow

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Tom Archer is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. A member of the CRESR’s Housing Team, Tom joined the Centre in in 2017 from World Habitat.

Tom has 15 years’ experience in research and policy roles concerning housing and community development. He has worked on frontline housing issues within local authorities and housing associations, as well as advising central government on a range of community-related policies.  In his previous role at World Habitat, Tom initiated and led the The European End Street Homelessness Campaign.

Tom's research is inter-disciplinary, focusing on the nexus between housing, the third sector and government policymaking. His doctoral research focused on models for collective ownership of housing in England and Canada, exploring some of the causal processes which affect the development of these initiatives.

More recently, Tom’s research has focused on the supply of housing – particularly for low income groups – as well as models of housing and support for older people. Tom is active in the study of community owned assets, co-authoring influential research on this in 2019 and contributing to government committees on the subject. Tom is the Principal Investigator on a number of related studies, notably an evaluation of Power to Change’s Homes in Community Hands funding - a multi-million pound investment programme aimed at scaling-up community-led housing in five areas in England.

Tom’s recent academic work has centred on the causal connections between collectivised forms of housing provision and their affordability. In addition, Tom has co-authored articles on the private housebuilding industry, revealing important trends in profit making and value extraction from within this sector.

Specialist areas of interest

  • Community-led housing
  • Housing demand/low demand
  • Homelessness
  • The UK housebuilding industry
  • Community development
  • Social mechanisms theory
  • Social movement theory
  • Case study research

Current research projects

2023 Homes in Community Hands evaluation, Power to Change. Role: Principal Investigator.

2020 The Nationwide Foundation Evaluation and Learning Partner, The Nationwide Foundation. Role: Programme Lead.

2020 National Village Hall Survey, ACRE. Role: Principal Investigator.

Selected research reports

Ambrose, A., Archer, T. and Bimpson, E. (2020) Research to identify early lessons emerging from the Innovative Housing Programme. Welsh Government.

Ambrose, A., Archer, T. and Bimpson, E. (2020) Research to identify early lessons emerging from the Innovative Housing Programme: Summary. Welsh Government.

Archer, T., Moore, T. and Mullins, D. (2020) Homes in Community Hands: Baseline Evaluation Report. Power to Change.

Archer, T., Parkes, S. and Speake, B. (2020) The English Village and Community Hall Survey 2020. Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE).

Archer, T., Crisp, R., Ferrari, E., Green, S., McCarthy, L., Moore, T., Mullins, D., Pattison, B. and Sacranie, H. (2019) Scaling up social lettings? Scope, impact and barriers. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Archer, T., Green, S. and Fisher, C. (2019) Helping Communities Build: A review of the Community Land Trust Funds and lessons for future support. Kent: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF Venturesome).

Archer, T., Wilson, I., Parkes, S., Batty, E. and Harris, C. (2019) Our assets, our future: the economics, outcomes and sustainability of assets in community ownership. London: Power to Change.

Archer, T. with Stevens, M. (2018) Housing, integration and segregation: A rapid literature review. Sheffield: CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

Archer, T., Green, S., Leather, D., McCarthy, L., Wilson, I., Robinson, D. and Tait, M. (2018) Older people's housing, care and support needs in Greater Cambridge 2017-2036. Sheffield: CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

Archer, T. with Stevens, M. (2017) Housing, integration and segregation: A rapid evidence literature review. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

Cole, I., Green, S., Pattison, B., Reeve, K., Wilson, I. with Archer, T. (2017) Capping aspiration: The millennial housing challenge. Sheffield: CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

Archer, T. and Cole, I. (2016) Profit Before Volume? Major housebuilders and the crisis of supply. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

Bennett, E., Langmead, K. and Archer, T. (2015) Editorial: Special issue - Austere relations: The changing relationship between the Third Sector, the State and the Market in an era of austerity. People, Place and Policy, 9 (2), pp. 100-102.

Archer, T. and Cole, I. (2014) Still not plannable? Housing supply and the changing structure of the housebuilding industry in the UK in 'austere' times. People, Place and Policy, 8 (2), pp. 97-112.

PhD supervision

Tom would welcome discussion on supervising students around any of the following areas:

  • Community-led approaches to housing and regeneration
  • Alternative forms of property ownership
  • Collectivism and social movements
  • Housebuilding and housing supply
  • Financialisation
  • Comparative housing studies

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