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Senior Research Fellow, BA (Dual Hons), M.Phil, MRTPI

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Barry Goodchild is Professor of Housing and Urban Planning and a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.He has extensive experience of research, teaching and writing in the field of urban planning, housing and sustainable development.  He has directed research projects for government agencies in England, Scotland and France as well as for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

Professor Goodchild's postgraduate education was in urban and regional planning and he is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. During his early career, he worked alongside specialists in housing, management surveying and the property market. More recently he has worked alongside environmental specialists and has become increasingly interested in the socio-technical aspects of sustainable development, such as the user aspects of low carbon housing design, the governance of environmental planning and the use of digital technologies in planning.

Over a long career, Professor Goodchild has secured the publication of five books, including one in French and 43 articles in national or international peer reviewed journals, with more underway. Of the many articles and books, the most widely cited are those dealing with social balance and polarisation in Britain and France, with postmodernism in urban planning, with sustainable housing design and with regional planning in the north of England. He is a member of the expert panel for town planning of the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

Research interests

Within this context, Professor Goodchild has a wide range of research interests and expertise that include

  • The development and application of new theoretical frameworks to housing and urban planning.
  • The application of qualitative methods in the evaluation of low carbon and experimental housing.
  • International comparisons of policy and practice.
  • Reviews and evaluations of UK policy and practice.

Selected research reports

Goodchild, B. (2017) Markets, Politics and the Environment: an introduction to planning theory.  New York: Routledge.

Jeannot, G., Goodchild, B., Hickman, P., Girard, V. (2009) Le déploiement des « nouveaux métiers » de la politique de la ville, comparaison franco-britannique, Rapport final, Latts / ENPC 6 et 8 avenue Blaise Pascal, Cité Descartes, F 77455 Marne la vallée, France (Gilles Jeannot, lead author, Barry Goodchild, Paul Hickman, Vanessa Girard)

Goodchild, B. (2008) Homes, neighbourhoods and cities: Planning for housing in Britain.  London: Ashgate (343 pages).

Goodchild, B., Mboumoua, I., Hall, S., Hickman, P. and Waeles, L. (2006) Polarisation sociale, implication habitante et accès aux services publics dans les quartiers en crise: regards croisés des pratiques et des méthodes en France et en Angleterre (Social polarisation, resident involvement and access to public services : an Anglo-French comparison), PUCA 795 (La grande Arche de la Défense, Paris).

Goodchild, B. and Syms, P. (2003) Between Social Housing and the Market: Developing and managing market renting schemes by housing associations: published jointly by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the RICS.

Goodchild, B. and Sheridan, L. (2001) France, in Sheridan, L (ed.) The control and promotion of quality in housing in Europe, Part 1 Country Monographs, Delft (The Netherlands) Delft University Press.)

Academic publications

Goodchild, B., Sharpe, R. and Hanson, C. (2018) Between resistance and resilience: a study of flood risk management in the Don catchment area (UK). Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, DOI: 10.1080/1523908X.2018.1433997

Ambrose, A., Goodchild, B. and O’Flaherty, F. (2017) Understanding user responses to low energy housing: a call for in-depth, qualitative methods. Journal of Energy Research and Social Science, 34, pp. 163-71.

Goodchild, B., Ambrose, A. and Maye-Banbury, A. (2017) Storytelling as oral history: revealing the changing experience of home heating in England. Journal of Energy Research and Social Science, 31, pp. 137-144. (Special edition on storytelling)

Goodchild, B. and Eadson, W. (2017) Looking for the Green in the Green Paper: working towards an urban industrial strategy. People, Place and Policy (online) Early View.

Goodchild, B., Cadman, L. and Hammond, C. (2016) Diversifying the master's research project: reflections on an initiative in architecture, planning and environmental management. Student Engagement and Experience Journal (Sheffield Hallam University) 5:1 online [URL] (accessed December 2016)

Rotmann, S., Goodchild, B. and Mourik, R. (2015) Once Upon a Time...How to tell a good energy efficiency story that 'sticks'Proceedings of the ECEEE Summer Study, 1-6 June, European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Stockholm, Sweden (available at the website of the ECEEE at

Goodchild, B., O’Flaherty, F. and Walshaw, A. (2014) Inside the eco-home: using video to understand the implications of innovative housing. Housing, Theory and Society, 31 (3), pp. 334-352.

Goodchild, B. (2013) Flats, higher densities and city centre living; a response to Evans and Unsworth. Urban Studies, 50 (14), pp. 3036-42.

Goodchild, B. and Hammond, C. (2013) Planning and urban regeneration since 2010: a recipe for conflict and dispute? People, Place and Policy, 7 (2), pp. 82-90.

Goodchild, B. and Walshaw, A. (2011) ‘Towards zero carbon homes in England? from inception to partial implementation. Housing Studies, 26 (6), pp. 933-49.

Jeannot, G. and Goodchild, B. (2011) ‘Fuzzy jobs’ and local partnerships: Case studies of urban and rural regeneration in France and England. Public Administration, 89 (3), pp. 1110-1127.

Goodchild, B. and Hammond, C. (2010) Conservative Party policy for planning: caught between the market and local communities. People, Place & Policy Online, 4 (1), pp. 19-23.

Goodchild, B., Jeannot, G. and Hickman, P. (2010) Professions, occupational roles and skills in urban policy: a reworking of the debates in England and France. Urban Studies, 47 (12), pp. 2537-54.

Goodchild, B. (2008) Triadic classifications and triangular thinking: their use in urban planning and urban design. People, Place & Policy Online, 2 (3), pp. 122-131.

Jeannot, G., Goodchild, B. and Hickman, P. (2008) « Les nouveaux métiers de la ville. Pouvoirs publics et recherche urbaine ». Les Annales de la Recherche Urbaine (France), No 104, juin 2008, pp. 100-109. (Paper published in French.)

Goodchild, B. and Hickman, P. (2006) Towards a regional strategy for the North of England? An assessment of ‘The Northern Way’. Regional Studies, 40 (1), pp. 121-133.

Goodchild, B. (2003) Sustainable development and the aims of planning, à la française. The Town Planning Review, 74 (2), pp. 239-245.

Goodchild, B. (2003) Implementing the right to housing in France: strengthening or fragmenting the welfare state? Housing, Theory and Society (Sweden), 20 (2), pp. 86-97.

Goodchild, B. (2003) Review article 'A Social Philosophy of Housing', by Peter King. Housing, Theory and Society, 20 (2), pp. 110-112.

Goodchild, B., Hickman, P. and Robinson, D. (2002) Unpopular housing in England in conditions of low demand: coping with a diversity of problems and policy measures. The Town Planning Review, 73 (4), pp. 373-394.

Blandy, S. and Goodchild, B. (2001) Applying theories of social communication to housing law: towards a workable framework. Housing Studies, 16 (1), pp. 75-95.

Cole, I. and Goodchild, B. (2001) Social Mix and the ‘balanced community’ in British housing policy- a tale of two epochs. Geojournal, 51 (4) pp. 351-360. (journal published in the Netherlands)

Goodchild, B. and Cole, I. (2001) Social balance and mixed neighbourhoods; a review of discourse and practice in British social housing. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 19 (10), pp. 103-122.

Goodchild, B. and Beatty, C. (2000) Assessing the procurement practices of housing associations; a case study of new build in Scotland. Journal of Construction Procurement, 6 (1), pp. 20-32.

PhD supervision

Professor Goodchild is currently supervising three PhDs- on planning for housing in Malaysia (Maimon Ali), on courtyard housing in Tripoli (Seham Elmansuri) and on transit-based gentrification in Bangkok (Russell Moore).

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