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Homes, Cities and Neighbourhoods: Planning and the Residential Landscapes of Modern Britain (2008) Goodchild, B, Ashgate Publishing. Available from Ashgate Publishing, Price £60 (hardback; ISBN 978-0-7546-7125-1).

Homes, Cities and Neighbourhoods documents the evolution of typical urban landscapes from 1900 to the present with an emphasis on contemporary issues and practice. It examines in detail the role of planning in the light of different interpretations of social change, quantity and quality in housing production, urban design in relation to housing and residential areas, and the management of neighbourhoods.

This book is intended for all those interested in the interaction between planning, housing markets and the urban environment in Britain. Sample pages are available to view online at

Community Cohesion in Crisis? New Dimensions of Diversity and Difference (2008) Flint, J and Robinson, D, Bristol: Policy Press. Available from The Policy Press, University of Bristol, Rodney Lodge, Grange Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4EA. Price £24.99 (paperback; ISBN 9781847420237) or £65 (hardback; ISBN 9781847420244)

'Community Cohesion in Crisis? New Dimensions of Diversity and Difference', edited by CRESR's John Flint and David Robinson, has recently been published by Policy Press.

The book explores how new dimensions of diversity and difference, manifest in debates about identity and 'Britishness', the breakdown of social connections and the fragile relationship between the citizen and state and so often debated in the national context, are emerging at the neighbourhood level.

Contributors from CRESR include Ian Cole, Del Fletcher, Kesia Reeve and Peter Wells. Sample chapters of the book are available to view in the Policy Press Reading Room.

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