Completed students


Postgraduate researcher Title of study Funded in collaboration with Main supervisor (2nd supervisor)
Dominic Aitken Trust and Participation in Urban Regeneration ESRC Ian Cole  (David  Robinson and Paul Hickman)
AImee Ambrose Understanding non-technological barriers to improving the energy efficiency of domestic buildings N/A Paul Hickman
Tom Archer The collective ownership and reuse of empty housing and land REF David Robinson (Ian Cole)
Francesca Albenese Decision Making in the Housing Association Sector: The Case of Asset Management The Housing Corporation Ian Cole (Paul Hickman)
Karl Baker-Green Community Regeneration: The Information society in deprived areas of South Yorkshire ESRC Tony Gore
Jessica Baxendale Understanding 'what works?' Evidence Based Regional Policy Making in England ESRC Peter Wells ( Paul Lawless and Ian Wilson)
Ellen Bennett The impact of public service delivery on voluntary and community organisations ESRC (1+3) Peter Wells (Tracey Chadwick Coule)
Janis Bright Governnance and Housing Policy: A Case Study of Isolated Northern Towns Faculty of Development and Society (Sheffield Hallam University) Paul Hickman (Stephen Hall, University of the West of England)
Vicky Cooper Governance and the Construction of the Subject: The Case of Supporting People ESRC John Flint (Chris Allen)
Will Eadson Spatial Practices of Governing Carbon ESRC Peter Wells (Tony Gore)
Seham Elmansuri Courtyard Housing in Tripoli: Tradition, Modernity and Users Perceptions Libyan Government Educational Trust Barry Goodchild, (Richard White and Alan Patterson)
Chris Elton Re-designing Rural Governance: New Institutions for Old? ESRC CASE Studentship in collaboration with Humber and Wolds and Yorkshire Rural Community Councils Peter Wells (Tony Gore)
Mike Foden Reclaiming unwanted things: alternative consumption practices,social change and the everyday Faculty of Development and Society (Sheffield Hallam University Tony Gore (Richard White)
Patricia Hamm Support for Families through Community Involvement: A Study of Tinsley Sure Start Tinsley Sure Start John Flint (Paul Hickman)
Kiri Langmead The role of governance function in social enterprise: driver of radical socioeconomic change, source of social value or means to an end? Sheffield Hallam University Richard White (Peter Wells and Chris Dayson)
Lindsey McCarthy (Re)Negotiating the Self: Homeless Women's Constructions of Home, Homelessness and Identity REF Kesia Reeve (Rionach Casey)
Richard McHugh Third Spaces, Radical Education in ‘Outsider’ Identity Group Cultures Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University Paul Hickman (Ryan Powell)
Martin McNally Understanding housing market analysis: the role of local stakeholder institution ESRC Case Studentship in collaboration with West Yorkshire Housing Partnership Ian Cole (Paul Hickman and David Robinson)
Russell Moore  Condominium development and gentrification in Bangkok, Thailand: a study of housing pathways Private funding Barry Goodchild, (Angela Maye-Banbury and Paul Hickman)
Tom Moore A review of Community Land Trusts in England and Wales: emerging lessons and policy implications Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University John Flint (Director of Studies) and Peter Wells
Ioannis Prinos Perceptions of Social Exclusion, Social Economy and the State in Greece and the UK Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University Peter Wells (Ryan Powell, Chris Dayson)
Sonia O'Toole Agency, Identity and Housing Experiences: Young Black Caribbeans in Leeds The Housing Corporation David Robinson (Ian Cole)
Rachel Palmen Participation, Power and Democracy: A Comparative Study of Community Engagement Processes Neighbourhood Renewal Unit Paul Lawless (Sarah Pearson)
Gordon Parker Learning to work: the intermediate labour market response to social exclusion ESRC Tony Gore
Sioned Pearce Territorial Rescaling, Devolution and New Forms of Governance: Communities First in Wales ESRC Peter Wells (Rionach Casey and Tony Gore)
Jenny Preece Residential mobility, work and belonging in low-income communities REF Paul Hickman (Richard Crisp, David Robinson)
Alessia Ruggiero Transforming Sub-National Economic Governance in England: from Competitive Regions to Competitive City-regions?   Peter Wells (Tony Gore, Karen Escott)
Tom Shore Spaces of informalization: the geography of behaviours and manners at music festivals ESRC Ryan powell (Tony Gore)
Angela Spinney A Comparative Investigation of Policy Responses to Homelessness in England and Australia   Sarah Blandy (Judy Nixon)
Mark Stevens Property, propriety and affect: a study of class (dis)entitlement in neighbourhood spaces ESRC Kesia Reeve (Ryan Powell)
Christine Whittle Social Exclusion and the Role of Transport Intervention Objective 1 Ted Kitchen (Russ Haywood)

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