Room to Move – Impacts of road-space reallocation (REMODEL)

Project Director: Dr Stephen Parkes
Project Duration: 2020-2021

Sheffield City Council (SCC) and Lancashire County Council (LCC) are currently implementing road-space reallocation measures to facilitate social distancing and increase levels of active travel in the post-lockdown landscape. The adaptations address road-space capacity issues for non-vehicle users along key commuter routes. These measures are an important element of the creation of a ‘climate-smart’ recovery and support the longer-term goal of de-carbonising transport.

This study – funded by the DecarboN8 Network - is a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Central Lancashire, and the respective local authorities to evaluate the impacts of the road-space reallocation programmes. The study will offer a critical evaluation of diverse urban areas in varying states of preparedness for a rapid uptake in active travel. For example, Sheffield – as part of the wider city region – has already undertaken considerable work prior to the coronavirus pandemic to encourage higher levels of active travel and in Lancashire it has been almost a decade since the introduction of 20mph zones in residential areas across the county.

The study will use a combination of online data collection techniques over a 12-month period to gather longitudinal data on travel behaviour, attitudes to active travel and the use of the temporary road-space reallocation measures.

A short presentation providing an overview of the project is now available. This was prepared for a Symposium on Transport Decarbonisation (September 2020) organised by the Cut Carbon Network. 

The project team also includes Richard Weston (University of Central Lancashire) and Mary Lawler (University of Central Lancashire).

Project team

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Research Fellow, BA, MSc, MA, PhD


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (DecarboN8 Network)
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