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Measuring outcomes and impact

CRESR has substantial expertise in the evaluation of projects and programmes, including assessments of the impact, and economic and social value of outcomes from interventions. We undertake evaluations of complex programmes: for instance, the evaluation of New Deal for Communities, the largest and most comprehensive evaluation of an area-based programme ever commissioned; and the evaluation of Futurebuilders - the first evaluation of a UK government programme to use Social Return on Investment methodology. We also work extensively with agencies in the public and voluntary and community sectors, using a range of methods to identify the impact and value of their work. We take a pragmatic approach to evaluation: not subscribing to a particular tool or approach, but working closely with clients to understand their needs, and using appropriate methodologies to produce robust assessments which can be used to inform service delivery and investment decisions. 

Our expertise includes:

  • development of bespoke evaluation frameworks including tools for self-evaluation
  • measuring and valuing outputs and outcomes
  • establishing impact and additionality
  • calculating Social Return on Investment
  • cost-benefit analysis.
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The Lambeth Housing Standard Health Impact Assessment

Project Director: Jan Gilbertson
Project Duration: 2015-2016

To carry out a Health Impact Assessment on the health and quality of life, including security and mental well-being of Lambeth’s residents based on the impact of the Decent Homes (‘DH’) programme and the Lambeth Housing Standard (‘LHS’) programme on the Council’s own housing stock. 

Evaluation of Yorkshire Adoption Agency’s DFE Expansion Grant

Project Director: Chris Dayson
Project Duration: 2015-2016

An evaluation Yorkshire Adoption Agency's (YAA) activities funded by a DFE Expansion Grant (2014-16). Employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, including Adoption Leadership Board (ALD) data.

Supporting and Maintaining Programme Evaluation

Project Director: Sarah Pearson
Project Duration: 2014-2016

The project will evaluate the impact of programme activity over the two years and increase the research and evaluation capacity, skills and knowledge of DMBC adult social care and its partners.

The project team also includes Angela Tod (Sheffield Hallam University) and Annette Haywood (University of Sheffield).

Evaluation needs of Better Care Fund partnerships in Yorkshire and the Humber

Project Director: Sarah Pearson
Project Duration: 2015-2016

This project will identify the evaluation needs of Better Care Fund partnerships in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It will gather intelligence on their evaluation training and capacity building needs and the nature and topic of evaluation requirements, as well as identifying  existing evaluation assets. Ultimately the evidence will be used to inform the development of an evaluation network in the region, to support the commissioning and delivery of health and social care services under the Better Care Fund.

Oldham Warm Homes Service evaluation

Project Director: Dr Will Eadson
Project Duration: 2013-2015

An evaluation of a ‘whole household’ approach to fuel poverty. This included impact analysis of a range of different interventions, and involved valuation of outcomes with respect to its impact on health and wellbeing.

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For further information please contact Professor Peter Wells at or call 0114 225 6262, or Sarah Pearson at or call 0114 225 4902.

Key clients

Age UK
Bolton CVS
Church Urban Fund
CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humberside
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for South Yorkshire (CLAHRC SY)
European Women’s Audiovisual Network
Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT)
Heritage Lottery Fund
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Lambeth Council
NHS England
Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action
Northern Rock Foundation
Oldham Council
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Trussell Trust
United Utilities
Yorkshire Adoption Agency
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