Homes In Community Hands Evaluation

Project Director: Dr Tom Archer
Project Duration: 2019-2023

This evaluation seeks to understand the impact of Power to Change's funding on the community-led housing sector (CLH), and specifically on those organisations receiving grants to support and develop housing schemes.  It will focus principally on the five urban areas where Power to Change is concentrating its Homes in Community Hands grant funding.

Through five inter-linked work packages we will assess impacts at different geographical scales and on a range of groups, beneficiaries and stakeholders. In the first work package we will review the evolving landscape of support for CLH. The second and third work packages will comprise local evaluation in the five areas, focusing on the work of enabling hubs and CLH groups themselves.  In addition we will be contributing to a programme of continuous learning. This will result in a series of ‘learning briefs’ which will be published at various points throughout the evaluation. We will also contribute to discussions about the role and impact of community business generally, and work with Power to Change's other evaluators to test key hypotheses.

In summary, the research will provide unique insights into the enabling support for CLH, how this translates to a range of outcomes and impacts, and the extent to which CLH validates Power to Change's existing hypotheses.

The project team also includes Dr Tom Moore (University of Liverpool) and Prof. David Mullins

Project team

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Principal Research Fellow, BA (Hons), MSc


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