Home Temperature in Later Life (HOTELL) project

Project Director: Jan Gilbertson
Project Duration: 2018

Cold homes and fuel poverty have a direct impact on health and affect cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, mental health and excess winter illness and death. The majority of excess winter deaths occur amongst people aged 75 and over and people living in the coldest homes are at greater risk of dying than those in warm homes.  The Home Temperature in Later Life (HOTELL) project is analysing the Care 75+ data to explore vulnerability to cold home temperatures and examine links between health and wellbeing and indoor temperature.  The analysis will help identify why some older people might be at greater risk of illness and death during winter so that interventions can be better targeted and will also be used to develop further research.

The project team also includes Vanessa Powell-Hoyland (SHU), Professor Angela Tod (UoS), Dr Andrew Clegg (Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Lesley Brown (Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Dr John Young (Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).

Project team

Research Fellow, BA, MSc, MA, PhD
Senior Research Fellow, BA (Hons), MA


CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humberside
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