Evaluation of Children’s Communities

Project Director: Sarah Pearson and Mike Coldwell
Project Duration: 2017-2020

A Children’s Community is:

A NEIGHBOURHOOD: Children’s Communities are located in disadvantaged places with a history of partnership working for children and a collective commitment to take this to the next level.

A SHARED VISION: Local services develop and implement a coordinated plan for helping children thrive, based on a shared vision for children and a shared analysis of children’s needs.

INTEGRATED AND HOLISTIC: Children’s Communities support children in the round and across the different stages of childhood, helping them to transition between family, school and community.

GENERATIONAL: Children’s Communities work over the long-term. They tackle presenting symptoms and underlying causes simultaneously.

POWERED BY LOCAL VOICES: Children’s Communities are locally led. They identify their strengths, harness the power of local networks and relationships, and support people to find their own solutions.

NATIONALLY EVALUATED: The Children’s Community project is underpinned by a body of research and evidence, and is being nationally evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University.

The project team also includes Bernie Stiell and Ben Willis (Sheffield Hallam University).

Project team

Research Fellow
Research Associate
Research Fellow, BA (Hons), MA, MA
Principal Research Fellow, BA (Hons), MSc
Professor of Social Research, BA (Hons) MA (Dist)


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