Autonomous vehicle regulation in practice: Is the UK ready?

Project Manager: Dr Stephen Parkes
Project Duration: 2020-2021

Identified as a 'game-changer', the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV's) provides key social, economic and environmental opportunities. Yet, within the context of other interventions that have pledged to transform travel (for example, Uber), CAV's could radically disrupt existing transport systems, causing complex conundrums for already financially-stretched local authorities. In addition, the introduction of the underpinning legislative framework, the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018, has received criticism for raising more questions than answers about how CAV-associated risks and liabilities will play out in practice.

Against this backdrop, the Government's announcement that it is 'on track' to introduce CAV's by 2021 raises urgent questions, including: how prepared are planners, policy-makers and practitioners for the impending influx of CAV's? Will the existing transport, planning and development infrastructure and associated resources be sufficient to facilitate effective CAV introduction? This project will examine a series of four comparative case-study sites in the UK, with data collected from key stakeholders at each site through a series of interviews and focus groups.

The project team also includes James Marson, Jill Dickinson, Helen Reardon and Keith McKoy (Sheffield Hallam University).

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