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Planning hospital discharge to maximise positive experiences and outcomes for frail older people

Project Director: Jan Gilbertson
Project Duration: 2017-2018

The Doncaster Hospital Discharge Pathway study is an in depth qualitative evaluation of two investment areas of the Better Care Fund: the Hospital Discharge Pathway (HDP) and associated discharge pathways. The study follows patients' journeys from hospital discharge in order to track patient and carer experience, impacts and outcomes. It provides a unique insight into what navigating the health and social care system feels like to those who are experiencing it. Detailed case studies and timelines were developed and these are a visual representation of the patient journey. Each timeline contains research derived key messages for the planning and delivery of health and social care services. However, this is not enough to ensure that the evidence gets into policy and practice. The research team have an interest in and experience of doing this and in particular around the use of pen portraits as the means of mobilising knowledge.

The value of small: understanding the distinctive contribution of small and medium sized charities

Project Director: Chris Dayson
Project Duration: 2016-2018

The project is an in-depth study of the role and value of small and medium-sized[1] charities in four case study localities, which aims to build on earlier data analysis and an evidence review commissioned by the Foundation.

Housing+ Evaluation

Project Director: Professor Ed Ferrari
Project Duration: 2016-2018

Housing+ is a new model for delivering an integrated and enhanced housing service to council house customers in Sheffield. The overall aim of this evaluation is to explore whether, and how, the Housing+ service may achieve improvements in health and wellbeing of council housing customers, in comparison to the current service, and identify the associated direct and indirect costs.

A review of the Urban CLT Project

Project Director: Dr Tom Moore (University of Sheffield) / Dr Tom Archer (Sheffield Hallam University)
Project Duration: 2017-2018

The research will evaluate the extent to which the project has achieved its four key objectives; to establish 20 demonstration CLTs in different urban contexts, to increase awareness of the role that CLTs can play in meeting the need for affordable housing, to increase community capacity among urban CLTs, and to increase the public profile of such CLTs.  In addition the research will set out a range of implications for the future work of the National CLT Network.

Addressing transport barriers to work in low income neighbourhoods

Project Director: Dr Richard Crisp
Project Duration 2017-2018

This research is looking at how transport acts as a barrier to work in low income neighbourhoods, particularly in more peripheral locations. It will use a mixture of mapping and resident interviews to examine employment options and propensity to commute. The findings will be used to develop policy and practice recommendations for overcoming transport-related barriers to work.

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