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Sustainability Research

Project Director: Professor Peter Wells
Project Duration: 2010-2011 

Many of the Big Lottery Fund's programmes have focused on providing capital funding – that is, funding for new or refurbished buildings or to buy or improve land, among other purposes.

In most cases, this is only the first step in a wider process of improvement and benefits. The building or land offers a site for projects to run or a facility for communities to enjoy. Groups running the facility will have to find funds and resources to run those services and to maintain the building or land.

ABCD Evaluation - NDC Impact Study

Project Director: Sarah Pearson
Project Duration: 2010-2011

End of programme evaluation of the All Saints and Blakenhall (ABCD) New Deal for Communities Partnership.

Hidden Homelessness

Project Director: Dr Kesia Reeve
Project Duration: 2010-2011

This project sought to explore and expose the extent of hidden homelessness amongts single homeless people, focused on those sleeping rough, staying with friends and family and squatting.

Tackling worklessness in Britain’s weaker local economies

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2010-2011

A review of the scale of worklessness on benefit across all UK districts, including trends before and after the 2008 financial crisis, the prospects through to 2020, and the role of government policy.

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