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The impact of incapacity benefit reform

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2011

Estimates of the anticipated local, regional and national impact of incapacity benefit reforms, including figures for every local authority in Britain.

Statistical Bias for Unitaries

Project Director: Dr Tony Gore
Project Duration: 2011

A number of new Unitary Councils were formed in 2009 by combining constituent shire districts into single units. This is likely to lead to the discontinuation of several key statistics for the constituent parts of these new county district. In some places this will have the effect of masking major variations in deprivation, unemployment, economic opportunity and human capital. This study examined a range of statistical sources to pinpoint which areas were likely to lose out in this way. The aim is to ensure that central government and the official statistical authorities continue to assemble and publish figures for the former shire districts, so that their pressing needs are not obscured by amalgamation with more affluent areas.

Tackling Worklessness in Wales

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2011

A detailed investigation of the extent of worklessness on benefit in Wales, including the potential contribution of job growth in Cardiff to solving problems in the Valleys.

Review of Squatting

Project Director: Dr Kesia Reeve
Project Duration: 2011

CRESR was commissioned by Crisis to draw together existing evidence, and revisit datasets from past CRESR projects, to produce a short report exploring the link between squatting and homelessness. The purpose of the report was to supply evidence for the Government consultation on options for dealing with squatting.

Qualitative Study of Offender Employment Review

Project Director: Professor Del Roy Fletcher
Project Duration: 2011

A qualitative study of offender employment services, with a specific focus on the progress made in the implementation of the recommendations of the joint DWP / Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Offender Employment Review.

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