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Evaluation of Children’s Communities

Project Director: Sarah Pearson and Mike Coldwell
Project Duration: 2017-2020

A Children’s Community is:

A NEIGHBOURHOOD: Children’s Communities are located in disadvantaged places with a history of partnership working for children and a collective commitment to take this to the next level.

Talent Match Evaluation and Learning Contract

Project Director: Professor Peter Wells
Project Duration: 2013-2019

Talent Match is a Big Lottery Funding initiative of up to £100 million. It is investing resources in a number of areas in England where youth unemployment is a significant issue. BIG will invest for a period of up to five years to improve the lives of people aged 18-24 who have been out of education, employment or training for 12 months or more. The aims of the evaluation and learning contract are: to track the success of the programme and projects within it; to identify what works well, for whom and in what circumstances; and to share learning and improve practice.

Our Bigger Story: Longitudinal Multi Media Evaluation of Big Local

Project Director: Angus McCabe (TSRC, University of Birmingham)
Project Duration: 2018-2019

The second stage of a planned ten year multi-media evaluation of the 'Big Local' community-based regeneration programme, using creative visual data collection and interaction techniques - film, audio, diaries, photography and elicitation.

Culturally specific responses to severe and multiple disadvantage

Project Director: Nadia Bashir
Project Duration: 2017-2019

Research with BAME people recovering from alcohol/drug addiction:

  • To explore their lives and hidden experiences of disadvantage.
  • To develop and learn about elements of a successful model for supporting BAME communities facing multiple disadvantage.

Discourses of Voluntary Action at two 'Transformational Moments' of the Welfare State, the 1940s and 2010s

CRESR Contact: Dr Rob Macmillan
Project Duration: 2017-2019

The publication of the Beveridge Report in 1942, and the subsequent establishment of comprehensive welfare services in the UK, was referred to as ‘a revolutionary moment’. The same term has been used to describe the context in which welfare services have been and are still being significantly reshaped since 2010. At these two transformational moments, fundamental questions have been raised about who is responsible for the provision of welfare services. The project study will explore the debates that have taken place on the role, position and contribution of voluntary action in the provision of welfare in the 1940s and 2010s. It will compare and contrast public, political and voluntary sector discourses. The research will contribute to new understandings of voluntary action and to practical action for third sector organisations and policy makers.

For further information about this project please see the project website

The project team is led by Professor Irene Hardill (Northumbria University) and also includes Dr Georgina Brewis (University College London), Dr Angela Ellis Paine (University of Birmingham) and Dr Rose Lindsay (University of Southampton).

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