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Evaluation of the Community Investment Enterprise Facility

Project Director: Chris Dayson
Project Duration: 2018-2024

An evaluation of a major investment by Big Society Capital in Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) that aims to promote the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


Project Director: Nadia Bashir
Project Duration: 2018-2023

The This-Ability programme is for young people with a disability/learning disability or difficulty or a long term health condition, who require additional support in accessing and gaining employment and may need support within the workplace to ensure sustainability.  A research team from CRESR are evaluating the This-Ability programme using quantitative research, including analysis of monitoring data and SROI and qualitative research involving peer research training and interviews.

Evaluation of Black Thrive

Project Director: Chris Dayson
Project Duration: 2018-2023

An evaluation of Black Thrive, a long term partnership between the public and voluntary sectors in Lambeth that aims to improve the experiences, access and outcomes for Black people in the area of mental health services.

Homes In Community Hands Evaluation

Project Director: Dr Tom Archer
Project Duration: 2019-2023

This evaluation seeks to understand the impact of Power to Change's funding on the community-led housing sector (CLH), and specifically on those organisations receiving grants to support and develop housing schemes.  It will focus principally on the five urban areas where Power to Change is concentrating its Homes in Community Hands grant funding.

Our Bigger Story: the Longitudinal Multi Media Evaluation of Big Local

Project Director: Angus McCabe (University of Birmingham)
Project Duration: 2020-2022

Big Local is a long-term resident-led programme established in 2010 which provides resources and support to 150 communities across England. It works with an underpinning ethos expressed in the hypothesis that ‘long term funding and support to build capacity gives residents in ‘hyperlocal’ areas agency to take decisions and to act to create positive and lasting change’. 'Our Bigger Story' is the longitudinal multi-media evaluation that runs alongside Big Local, charting the stories of change in 15 different Big Local areas, covering urban, rural and seaside communities.

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