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The focus for CRESR's research is on issues of social and economic disadvantage as experienced by places and people. This forms the basis for our research around eight different research themes.

On any project we may bring together a multi-disciplinary and multi-skilled team with considerable expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research. We combine this technical expertise with an extensive understanding of the policy areas we research - something we believe means that our research is both robust but also relevant to the needs of policy makers and practitioners.

All our research conforms to the highest ethical standards and we routinely seek to devise research methods which are appropriate to the specific client groups. All our research projects are undertaken to a tailored design agreed with the client.

CRESR is well known for its research into the lives, experiences and characteristics of the most disadvantaged groups and places. We are also national leaders in undertaking evaluations of policies and programmes designed to address the problems experienced by such groups and places.

We also seek to be innovative in the research we undertake, whether devising new approaches to estimate the scale of hidden unemployment in Britain or using visual methods to engage residents in longitudinal research.

Much of our research combines quantitative and qualitative research. We are national leaders in understanding the social and economic geography of the places we research, and are therefore experts in the analysis of secondary datasets.

In policy and programme evaluation we regularly combine extensive primary fieldwork with secondary data analysis with literature and evidence reviews to provide the most rounded and robust research to meet client needs.

Featured project

UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

Project Director: Ed Ferrari (Sheffield Hallam University) / Ken Gibb (Glasgow University)

Project Duration: 2017-2022

The Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) is an independent, multi-disciplinary and multi-sector consortium of academic and non-academic stakeholders. CaCHE is UK-wide in coverage (across all four nations and at different spatial scales within), as well as UK-level in focus. It will advance knowledge and improve the evidence base for both housing policy and practice in all parts of the U.K.

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