Lord Kerslake: Home truths needed to fix a broken housing market

CRESR is proud to be one of the founding partners for the new UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE), which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, Arts and Humanities Research Council, and Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The Chair of CaCHE’s International Advisory board, Lord Kerslake, in an opinion piece today (6 November) for the Yorkshire Post, calls housing the “one issue that stands a chance of breaking through the smothering Brexit blanket”. He calls on government policy makers to design housing policy based on sound evidence, and points to the crucial role of CaCHE is providing that evidence.

CRESR’s Professor Ed Ferrari and Dr Kesia Reeve, together with CRESR associate Professor Paul Hickman, are playing central roles in the CaCHE consortium. CRESR is leading CaCHE’s Knowledge Exchange hub for the north of England, designed to ensure that CaCHE’s activities respond to the specific needs of housing organisations, policy makers and practitioners throughout the northern regions. Please contact Ed Ferrari ( for further information or to discuss how the work of CaCHE can benefit your own organisation.

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