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CRESR Latest news

July 2020

Date issued: 28/07/2020

The productivity gaps between local economies across the UK are far more complex than previously thought...

July 2020

Date issued: 10/07/2020

There are nearly seven million 16-24 years olds in the UK. As many of this group finish school, college...

July 2020

Date Issued: 15/07/2020

A new article authored by Bernie Stiell (CDARE, SHU) and Catherine Harris (CRESR, SHU) and published in...

July 2020


As the Chancellor sets out a £2 billion support package to prevent a youth unemployment crisis in the wake...

April 2020


With home energy bills expected to soar as a consequence of the Covid-19 lockdown, academics from Sheffield...

May 2020

Date Issued:18/05/20

Productivity in the Sheffield City Region could be closer to the national average than previously thought,...

May 2020

Date Issued: 04/05/2020

March 2020

Issued: 27/03/20


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