Welfare reform hitting the poorest hardest

Welfare reform hitting the poorest hardest

An investigation by CRESR has documented for the first time the huge financial impact of the government's welfare reforms on every area of Britain.

Our research – which underpins the Financial Times' Austerity Audit – provides comprehensive figures for each of Britain’s 379 local authority districts on how much they stand to lose from the sweeping benefit reforms.

We discovered that the worst affected places face financial losses that are twice the national average – and four times as much as the least affected places. As a general rule, the more deprived the local authority, the greater the financial hit.

We're undertaking a wide range of projects evaluating the impact of the various welfare reform measures which are at the heart of the current government's policy programme. Find out more.


Key staff

'This research highlights important policy implications of the welfare reforms. Issues such as the long-term impact on the welfare bill and the public's general lack of knowledge surrounding the cuts must be addressed by policy makers.'

Chris Giles, economics editor, the Financial Times

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