How to create resilient neighbourhoods

How to create resilient neighbourhoods

What can be done to protect communities against the full force of the economic downturn, public sector retrenchment and cuts in benefits and tax credits? What can agencies with shrinking budgets do to support communities under pressure? Is the solution to promote community resilience? 

Policy-makers are certainly drawn to the idea that the risks and challenges of modern life can be addressed through the reinvigoration of community. But can greater resilience help communities beat the odds and overcome adversity? And if this is the case, how can greater resilience be nurtured?

At CRESR we are exploring these key questions through a wide-ranging programme of work.

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Key staff

'This important research will be key to guiding a discussion within the city about what might be done to help communities be more resilient.'

Julie Dore, leader, Sheffield City Council

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