CRESR Seminar - Generation wars? Intergenerational financial transfers and inequalities in the UK

Start date: 
Wed, 10/10/2018
Closing date: 
Wed, 10/10/2018
Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Stoddart Building, Room 7139
Event contact: 
Ian Wilson & Ben Pattison (Tel: 0114 225 3073)

4.00-5.00 pm


Karen Rowlingson
University of Birmingham


Karen is a Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, as well as being Director of Research for the College of Social Sciences and Deputy Director of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM).

In 2011, she published ‘Wealth and the Wealthy’ with Stephen McKay. This book discusses questions such as: What is wealth? Who has got it? Where might we draw a 'wealth line'? Who lies above it? And what might policy do about wealth and the wealthy?

Karen's research interests lie within the field of social policy and focus on the financial security of individuals, families and households including: assets and asset-based welfare; poverty, wealth and inequality; social security policy; financial capability and education (including savings, pensions, credit and debt). As well as looking at individual behaviour in relation to personal finance she is interested in the role of the state, the financial services sector, employers and the third sector in delivering financial security.

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