CRESR Seminar - Evaluation of Housing Plus in Sheffield

Start date: 
Wed, 25/04/2018
Closing date: 
Wed, 25/04/2018
Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Stoddart Building, Room 7139
Event contact: 
Ian Wilson & Ben Pattison (Tel: 0114 225 3073)


Lindsay Blank and Ellie Holding
University of Sheffield


Amidst welfare reforms and cuts to local government funding, housing providers are developing new approaches to tenancy management. Interventions which support tenants to develop sustainable tenancies are one such approach. Housing+ is a new model for delivering an integrated housing service to council tenants in Sheffield and includes neighbourhood housing officers visiting tenants in their homes.

Based on a two year mixed-methods evaluation project funded by the NIHR School for Public Health Research; we explore the extent to which changing the organisation and delivery of housing services can bring about positive benefits to the health and wellbeing of tenants.

Housing+ is conceptualised as a universal intervention to be delivered to all council tenants (as well as offering additional supported and guidance to tenants where unmet need is identified). In practice our evaluation has identified how such a programme and intervention evolves, with differing strategies being employed by the landlord to target tenants and manage the unprecedented range and volume of housing needs that has been exposed by home visiting. We consider whether data readily available to the council could assist in identifying and targeting tenants in most need where resource levels challenge the vision of universal provision.

Keywords: Housing management, tenancy sustainment, process evaluation.


Lindsay Blank joined ScHARR in 2002 and works as a Research Follow in the Section of Public Health. Lindsay has a variety of research interests broadly in the areas of health inequalities and public health evidence synthesis. She has recently led a number of multidisciplinary research projects including the current evaluation of Housing+. Lindsay is also an experience systematic reviewer and recently completed work for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the relationships between poverty and stress, low level anxiety and depression across the life course.

Ellie Holding joined ScHARR in October 2014 as a Research Associate in the Public Health section and as a part of the CLAHRC YH Public Health and Inequalities theme. Ellie is Project Manager of the Yorkshire Health Study (; she also works on a collaborative research project between ScHARR and Sheffield City Council evaluating a city wide social housing intervention as well as an evaluation of the British Red Cross Community Connectors Programme. Before joining ScHARR she completed an MSc in Public Health and Health Related Research at Newcastle University and worked as a Research Assistant in the Institute of Health and Society on a qualitative project on the impact of the Bedroom Tax on health and well-being in one of the most deprived areas in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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