CRESR Seminar: Beyond state centrism? The rise of non-state urban and regional spatial strategies

Start date: 
Wed, 12/02/2014
Closing date: 
Wed, 12/02/2014
Stoddart 7139

John Harrison - Loughborough University


This paper explores alternative models of local and regional economic development, specifically the rise of non-state spatial strategies. Illustrated through case studies, most notably The Peel Group’s Atlantic Gateway Strategy in North West England, the paper showcases the near-future potential for a growth in alternative urban and regional strategies designed, orchestrated and implemented by non-state actors. In an era where both state and society find themselves increasingly reliant on non-state actors, in particular major private investment groups, to deliver the future jobs, growth and regeneration of our major urban regions this paper highlights a series of important concerns that the rise of non-state spatial strategies poses for urban and regional economic development interventions.


John is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Loughborough University. His background is as a regional geographer but since moving to Loughborough in 2006 John’s work has focused increasingly on city-regions. In 2012 John was appointed an Associate Director of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network and he is currently the Early Career Editor for the journal Regional Studies.

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