Housing+ Evaluation

Project Director: Professor Ed Ferrari
Project Duration: 2016-2018

Housing+ is a new model for delivering an integrated and enhanced housing service to council housing customers in Sheffield. The overall aim of this evaluation was to explore whether, and how, the Housing+ service achieved improvements in health and wellbeing of council housing customers, in comparison to the previous service, and identify the associated direct and indirect costs.#split

State of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Sheffield

Project Director: Elizabeth Sanderson
Project Duration: 2016

The purpose of this work is to provide Voluntary Action Sheffield and Sheffield City Council with a better understanding of the Sheffield Voluntary and Community Sector and the state of volunteering in the City.

The local and regional impact of welfare reform in Great Britain

Project Director: Professor Christina Beatty / Professor Steve Fothergill
Project Duration: 2012-2013

This project assesses the impacts of welfare reform on Great Britain. Each of the major elements of welfare reform are considered.  Estimates of the number of individuals or households affected and the financial loss incurred for every local authority in Great Britain are provided.

Neighbourhood Resilience in Sheffield

Project Director: Deborah Platts-Fowler
Project Duration: 2012-2013

Sheffield Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Project Director: Ryan Powell (CRESR) and Ed Ferrari (University of Sheffield)
Project Duration: 2013

Knowledge Transfer and Action Research Supporting Development a City Wide Model for Whole Household Interventions in Sheffield

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2012-2013

This knowledge transfer project involved a team from CRESR working alongside Sheffield City Council and its partners to support the ongoing development of the key worker, whole household approach to delivering services to vulnerable people across the city.#split

An Evaluation of the Houses into Homes Initiative

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2012-2015

Evaluation of London Reducing Reoffending Programmes

Project Director: Kevin Wong
Project Duration: 2011-2012

A process and impact evaluation of several programmes designed to reduce re-offending among young people in London.

#SPLITThe project team included staff from GHK, Sheffield Hallam University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Understanding the impact of the Breakthrough Project

Project Director: Dr Kesia Reeve
Project Duration: 2013-2016

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