Welfare reform and labour markets

Co-design in the WorkingWin programme: good practice and learning (PDF 841.17 KB)

Christina Beatty, Richard Crisp and Tony Gore
Published date: 
19/11/2020 (All day)

The productivity of industries and places (PDF 601.32 KB)

Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill
Published date: 
28/07/2020 (All day)

Research exposes complexity of the UK’s ‘productivity problem’

Date issued: 28/07/2020

The productivity gaps between local economies across the UK are far more complex than previously thought, according to a new report from Sheffield Hallam University.

The report, The Productivity of Industries and Places, challenges the assumption that the less prosperous parts of the UK, including much of the Midlands, North, Scotland and Wales, have consistently low levels of productivity that hold back local business and industry.

Summer statement: £2 billion scheme will not be enough to prevent mass youth unemployment

Date issued: 10/07/2020

There are nearly seven million 16-24 years olds in the UK. As many of this group finish school, college or university, they face the real prospect of long-term unemployment.

New report recommends further investment to avoid youth unemployment crisis


As the Chancellor sets out a £2 billion support package to prevent a youth unemployment crisis in the wake of Covid-19, a new report by Sheffield Hallam University recommends double that amount could be needed. 

Talent Match Evaluation: A Final Assessment (PDF 662.7 KB)

Chris Damm, Anne Green, Sarah Pearson, Elizabeth Sanderson, Peter Wells, Ian Wilson
Published date: 
06/07/2020 (All day)

Women on Incapacity Benefits (PDF 3.58 MB)

Christina Beatty, Steve Fothergill, Donald Houston, Ryan Powell and Paul Sissons
Published date: 
01/05/2009 (All day)
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