Community cohesion and migration

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Wed, 14/11/2012
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Wed, 14/11/2012
Cantor Building, Room 9206 (4 pm)
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Dr Tony Gore

Larissa Davies, Chris Gratton; Peter Taylor - Sheffield Hallam University 

Guidance for Local Authorities in Wales on Community Profiling and Tension Monitoring

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2011

The generation of guidance for local authorities in Wales on how to profile communities and monitor relations and tensions on an ongoing basis.  Production of the guidance was based on a review of evidence and analysis of good practice in local authorities across Wales and beyond.

Families and Work: Revisiting Barriers to Employment

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2011

This study was commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions to explore whether incentives intended to support parents to make the transition into work were succeeding in helping parents overcome barriers known to impede engagement in the formal labour market.

Mainstreaming Community Cohesion

Project Director: Professor David  Robinson
Project Duration: 2012

The generation of guidance for local authorities in Wales and their partners on how to mainstream community cohesion into policy and practice across different sectors and domains of public serve provision.

Evaluation of the National Community Cohesion Strategy for Wales

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2010-2012

An evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of Getting on Together, the Welsh Government's community cohesion strategy.  Analysis includes the review of implementation at the national and local levels and analysis of trends in cohesion across Wales.

Evaluation of Managed Migration Initiatives Supported by the European Reguee Fund and the European Integration Fund

Project Director: Professor David Robinson
Project Duration: 2010-2012

An evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of a series of projects designed to support the integration of refugees and third country nationals.  Projects were funded under two European Commission funds (European Integration Fund and European Refugee Fund) and research outputs informed Home Office compliance with EC monitoring requirements.  

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