Towards a carbon neutral housing stock? Reflections on the experience in Denmark

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Thu, 04/07/2013
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Thu, 04/07/2013
Towards a carbon neutral housing stock? Reflections on the experience in Denmark
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Emma Smith ( 2253073)

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Evaluation of Children’s Communities

Project Director: Sarah Pearson and Mike Coldwell
Project Duration: 2017-2020

A Children’s Community is:

A NEIGHBOURHOOD: Children’s Communities are located in disadvantaged places with a history of partnership working for children and a collective commitment to take this to the next level.#split

A SHARED VISION: Local services develop and implement a coordinated plan for helping children thrive, based on a shared vision for children and a shared analysis of children’s needs.

Scaling-up Social Lettings: Scope, Impact and barriers

Project Director: Professor Ed Ferrari
Project Duration: 2017-2018

This project sought to understand the scope and scale of the use of Social Lettings Agencies in England. The aim was to understand what SLAs can do to improve the access to, affordability and quality of, and stability in the Private Rented Sector, particularly for households in housing needs or in poverty.#split

UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

Director and Principal Investigator: Ken Gibb (Glasgow University)
Co-investigator and Knowledge Exchange Lead (North England / Midlands): Ed Ferrari (Sheffield Hallam University)

Project Duration: 2017-2022

Housing+ Evaluation

Project Director: Professor Ed Ferrari
Project Duration: 2016-2018

Housing+ is a new model for delivering an integrated and enhanced housing service to council housing customers in Sheffield. The overall aim of this evaluation was to explore whether, and how, the Housing+ service achieved improvements in health and wellbeing of council housing customers, in comparison to the previous service, and identify the associated direct and indirect costs.#split

State of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Sheffield

Project Director: Elizabeth Sanderson
Project Duration: 2016

The purpose of this work is to provide Voluntary Action Sheffield and Sheffield City Council with a better understanding of the Sheffield Voluntary and Community Sector and the state of volunteering in the City.

Understanding the Housing Mutual Model

Project Director: Professor Paul Hickman
Project Duration: 2012

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