Mike Coldwell

Job title: 
Director, CEIR

Phone 0114 225 6054
Email m.r.coldwell@shu.ac.uk

Mike has been conducting, managing and directing research projects for government and other organisations for over 17 years. These studies include over 60 mixed methods projects for governmental and other national organisations, with an emphasis on policy evaluation and school workforce/professional development - most recently with a focus on Evidence-engaged practice in schools. Mike currently leads the DfE Evidence-Based Teaching study (with colleagues from UCL Institute of Education and Durham University) and co-directs the Education Endowment Foundation Effective Use of Teaching Assistant evaluation,; he also led the recently completed NCETM CPD Programme Evaluation; the National College Impact of Grants DfE Exclusion Appeals Study;    and the National College New Routes to Headship study (with the UCL Institute of Education) all of which will be publishing final reports in the near future. In recent years, Mike directed the Prince's Teaching Institute Schools Programme Evaluation Design Study, the DfE KS2 Level 6 Tests Investigation, the TDA NQT Quality Study, the DfE Phonics Screening Check Pilot process evaluation, the Myscience Study of the impact of Science Learning Centre CPD on teacher retention and career progression and the DfE PSHE Education Mapping Study.

Mike has particular expertise in directing multiple method designs using Realist and other theory-based models, and policy research evaluation more broadly. Mike's background is as a Business Studies and Information Technology teacher in comprehensive schools and he has extensive experience of work-related and vocational education and social inclusion projects. He has authored and co-authored over 60 research and evaluation reports and over 20 journal and conference papers. Mike teaches on the Professional Doctorate in Education (Positivist and post-positivist methodologies; quantitative design and analysis) and supervises doctoral students with interests including Primary science education; Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools; School Leadership in the UK and Democratic Republic of Congo; and Youth Work in the Republic of Ireland.

Mike collaborates with colleagues from organisations including the UCL Institute of Education; Durham University; Institute for Fiscal Studies; Government Social Researchers North; National College for Teaching and Leadership; Department of Education; NFER; and colleagues from across the Sheffield Institute of Education. His work has influenced the policy of organisations including the Department for Education; National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics; National College for Teaching and Leadership (and its two predecessors) and The Science Learning Centres Network, and he currently acts as advisor to the Reading Agency on developing an outcomes framework

Selected publications

Wolstenholme C, Coldwell M, Stiell B (2014) Independent Review Panel and First-tier Tribunal Exclusion Appeals systems for Department for Education
Download full report
Donwnload Executive Summary

Willis B, Clague L, Coldwell M (2013) Effective PSHE education: values, purposes and future directions Pastoral Care in Education: An International Journal of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, 31:2, 99-111

Coldwell M, Willis B, McCaig C (2013) Investigation of the Key Stage L6 tests for Department for Education

Coldwell M, Maxwell B, McCaig C, Davies J and Stevens A (2011) NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools Synthesised key findings from all five stages of the NQT Quality Improvement Study (PDF 644KB)

Coldwell, M, Shipton, L, Stevens, A, Stiell, B, Willis, B and Wolstenholme, C (2011) Process evaluation of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Pilot for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Coldwell M, Perry E, Wardle J (2011) The National Strategies 1997–2011 A brief summary of the impact and effectiveness of the National Strategies (PDF 745KB)

Coldwell M, Davies J, Maxwell B and McCaig C (2011) NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools Part 4 Report: The Third Year of Teaching (PDF 964KB)

Formby, E, Coldwell M, Stiell B, Demack S, Stevens A, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B (2011) Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education: A mapping study of the prevalent models of delivery and their effectiveness for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Coldwell, M. and Simkins, T (2010) Level models of continuing professional development evaluation: a grounded review and critique. Professional Development in Education 37 (1)

Coldwell M, Maxwell B, Shipton L, Boylan M (2010) Assessing the Impact of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) on Teachers and Learners for NCETM

Coldwell M, Jackson A, Stiell B (2009) Planning Careers Education and Guidance Projects: Learning from the Small-Scale Careers Education and Guidance Initiative for TDA
> Download the report from TDA website

Centre for Education and Inclusion Research (2009). NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools, Report on Part 2 Phase 1 - NQT Quality Improvement Study: The NQT Year.' TDA

Centre for Education and Inclusion Research (2009) Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Yorkshire and the Humber for Yorkshire Futures
> Download main report part 1 (PDF 6MB) / appendices part 2 (PDF 1.92MB)

Stiell B, Shipton L, Coldron J, Coldwell M (2008) Choice Advice: an Evaluation for DCSF
> Download report (PDF 701KB) / research brief (PDF 162KB)

Mannion K, Coldwell C (2008) After School Science and Engineering Clubs Evaluation for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
> Download report from DCSF website

Coldwell M, Simkins T, Coldron J, Smith R, Aspinwall K, Close P, Elliot N, Garrett Viv, Maxwell B, Wainwright J, Willis B, Wolstenholme C (2008) Developing the whole school workforce - An evaluation of the Testbed programme (Final Report, PDF 270KB) for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)