Children and young people’s wellbeing

We have a strong track record of work in the broad field of children and young people's wellbeing. We use a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to support research and evaluation. They include innovative, creative and often participatory research designs, which are usually developed in close collaboration with clients.

Our expertise

Our work includes expertise in

  • personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE)
  • sex and relationships education (SRE) and sexual health
  • safeguarding and child protection
  • cyber bullying and e-safety issues for children and young people
  • school-based or linked health services and the broader extended school/healthy schools agenda
  • teenage pregnancy, 'young' parenting and related support services

Staff undertaking this research include

  • Eleanor Formby
  • Bernadette Stiell
  • Ben Willis
  • Claire Wolstenholme

Example outputs, impact and public engagement

• Pastoral Care in Education Journal

Eleanor Formby has joined the editorial board of Pastoral Care in Education, an international journal of personal, social and emotional development. Throughout 2011 Eleanor has presented her research findings at the European Sociological Association, the World Congress of Sexual Health, to agencies across South Yorkshire as well as at the University of Greenwich, London. She has also had a number of papers published.

• Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education project for the Department for Education

This study generated a variety of positive media and practitioner group interest, including the Financial Times, Children and Young People Now, the PSHE Association and the Drug Education Forum. CEIR staff have been invited to speak at the PSHE Association annual conference and are also producing a series of articles for the Pastoral Care in Education journal focusing on different aspects of the study.

CEIR contribute to teenage parenthood book

Eleanor Formby and Julia Hirst, together with Jenny Owen from the University of Sheffield, contributed to a chapter in a book titled 'Teenage Parenthood: What's the problem?' edited by Simon Duncan et al. Based on in-depth research in South Yorkshire, the chapter explores the lives of three generations of current and former teenage mothers and fathers, and in doing so highlights the role of social context in shaping the experiences and outcomes of teenage pregnancy and parenthood. The book, which attempts to balance the usually very negative portrayal of teenage parents in the media, has been widely discussed in the national and international media and is published by Tufnell Press.

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Email Eleanor Formby at or phone 0114 225 6060.

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