Widening Participation in HE related events and papers

Colin McCaig and Professor Jacqueline Stevenson recently participated in an event run by the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON) for university outreach practitioners which focused on developing evaluation strategies. The event was ‘Framing the question and setting the strategy’ where Colin presented a paper on ‘The use, misuse and overuse of data: Low Participation Neighbourhoods’.

Colin McCaig has also recently had two papers published (one with Carol Taylor):

McCaig, C & Taylor, CA (2015) The strange death of Number Controls in England: paradoxical adventures in higher education market making. Studies in Higher Education. Published online 7th December 2015

McCaig, C (2015) Marketisation and Widening Participation in English Higher Education: a critical discourse analysis of institutional access policy documents. Higher Education Review. Volume 48, No.1 Autumn 2015