More evidence on effective use of Teaching Assistants

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) reported last week on the results of two new studies of use of TAs in leading structured literacy interventions. Added to previous research into other structured TA-led interventions in numeracy and literacy, all of which used robust randomised controlled trials (RCTs), these studies indicate there is now strong evidence that these kinds of programmes can have positive effects. Indeed, writing about the studies in Schools Week

Jonathan Sharples of the EEF says "Having worked in communicating the findings from research for over ten years, this is by far the most consistent, positive set of results I have seen for real-world RCTs, which I imagine will be difficult to repeat." It is worth reading Jonathan's piece, and the original research reports (links to these are provided in the Schools Week article).

This research strengthens the recommendations made in the EEF Guidance Report on effective use of TAs.  Sheffield Institute of Education is currently involved in an evaluation of an initiative to support schools in implementing the recommendations made in this Guidance Report, in which Advocacy Partners (mainly collaborations between Teaching Schools, Local Authorities and other organisations) are working with Primary Schools across South and West Yorkshire. If you are interested in finding out more about the TA Advocacy Partner project, contact Dr Bronwen Maxwell, the lead director of the study. 

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