MiMa Mathematics in the Making

The MiMa project is now entering its closing stages and we are working to find ways to extend its impact and to disseminate its findings widely within the European mathematics education community.  The final meeting was held at the Mathematikum exhibition centre in Giessen, Germany, from 9th-11th November when the teams from England, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Portugal shared their reflections on what had been learnt from the project and plans for its continuation.  Teachers from Sheffield schools participating in the project gave a most informative presentation.  They reported both the challenges facing practitioners in England seeking to implement meaning making ways of teaching mathematics and also the rewards they and the project children had experienced.  From the English perspective, the most novel feature of the project was the public exhibition at which 120 pupils from participating primary schools showed and explained their mathematics to education experts, local politicians, fellow pupils and members of the general public.  A related paper has been submitted to ICME13 in Hamburg, July 2016.

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