The impact of bursary and scholarship programmes on students from poorer backgrounds

A CEIR project, led by Dr Colin McCaig and featuring researchers from Oxford University, King’s College, London, University of the West of England and the University of Bedfordshire, has been modelling ways in which Universities can establish the impact of their bursary and scholarship programmes on students from poorer backgrounds. The Office for Fair Access has now published our Phase One interim report which explains in detail our methodological approach to the design of the multivariate statistical model using four outcome measures and 17 variables. This model has been applied to historical data across all five institutions and is being extensively piloted in five more institutions this spring ahead of a final project Report in Autumn 2016. Using this model we were able to demonstrate statistically significant positive effects on retention and completion of degree programmes for those in receipt of financial support. The model also shows that there is no difference in performance between those in receipt of financial support and all other students when it comes to a good degree and positive graduate outcomes. For more information contact Dr Colin McCaig