Lucy Clague

Job title: 
Research fellow

Phone 0114 225 6066

Lucy Clague (née Shipton) joined the centre in January 2005 and has 14 years research experience, having previously worked for a research consultancy and at the University of Sheffield. Her research interests are around literacy, children and young people and equality and diversity.

Lucy is an experienced project manager who has managed both small-scale and large research projects for government departments such as the DfE and BIS as well as organisations such as the Education Endowment Foundation, TDA, the National College and Booktrust. She is particularly effective at organising fieldwork and research teams, keeping projects to time, even within short timescales and maintaining positive relationships with clients. Lucy has carried out research in many settings including schools, local authorities, youth clubs and children's centres. She has a great deal of experience carrying out research with senior leaders, teaching staff, pupils, parents and wider stakeholders, particularly via qualitative methods, which include the use of innovative methods to enable the participation of a range of children.

Her research includes

  • two Education Endowment Fund transitions projects using RCT and process evaluation methodology to evaluate Booktrust's Summer Active and Unitas' TextNow reading for pleasure programmes in collaboration with Queens University, Belfast
  • research into the need for and capacity to deliver STEM related Apprenticeship provision in England on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • research exploring good practice around the Bookbuzz programme on behalf of Booktrust
  • an evaluation of the Bookstart programme exploring whether the programme and its resources fit the needs of children, families, practitioners and stakeholders by reviewing the resources, gaining stakeholder and operational views and through an RCT
  • an evaluation of Booked Up, a book gifting programme for Year 7 pupils, exploring the ways in which the universal programme engages with a range of different types of readers in collaboration with the University of Sheffield
  • a process evaluation of how the Year 1 phonics screening check is being administered and how schools, parents and pupils in the pilot schools perceive the check on behalf of the Department for Education(DfE)
  • a project on e-safety in primary schools in relation to the changes to Ofsted inspection framework on behalf of The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)
  • a mapping study of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education on behalf of The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
  • a review and gap analysis for post 16 sex and relationships education in Leicester City on behalf of Leicester City Council
  • audit and strategy development of Leicester City's sex and relationships education for 0-19 year olds on behalf of Leicester City Council
  • two evaluations of the Choice Advice service, an initiative to support parents to make choices around secondary school, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable families (Department of Children, Schools and Families, DCSF)
  • a research project examining secondary school admissions (Department for Education and Skills, DfES)
  • a number of projects for Carers UK looking at unpaid carers
  • a national evaluation of On Track - a government implemented crime-reduction initiative (Home Office)
  • a research project to identify where different guidance is needed and would improve admission appeal procedures for secondary schools and the operation of appeals panels (DfES)

Selected publications

McCaig C, Hogarth T, Gambin L, Clague L (2014) Research into the need for and capacity to deliver STEM related Apprenticeship Provision in England for Department for Business Innovation and Skills Download full report

Clague L, Levy, Rachael (2013) Bookbuzz Evidence of Best Practice for Booktrust

Willis B, Clague L, Coldwell M (2013) Effective PSHE education: values, purposes and future directions Pastoral Care in Education: An International Journal of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, 31:2, 99-111

Clague L (2012) Evaluation of Bookstart England: Survey of operational and strategic stakeholders for Booktrust.

Merchant G, Levy R, Shipton L, Willis B (2012) Evaluation of Booked Up for Booktrust

Shipton L (2011) Improving e-safety in primary schools: a guidance document for TDA (PDF 226KB

Coldwell M, Shipton L, Stevens A, Stiell B, Willis B and Wolstenholme C (2011) Process evaluation of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Pilot for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Formby E, Coldwell M, Stiell B, Demack S, Stevens A, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B (2011) Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education: A mapping study of the prevalent models of delivery and their effectiveness for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Furey J, Kay J, Barley R, Cripps C, Shipton L, and Stiell B (2010) Developing ethical guidelines for safeguarding children during social research. Research Ethics Review (Vol6 No4) December 2010 forthcoming

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Coldron J, Cripps C, Shipton L (2009) Why are secondary schools socially segregated? (PDF 142KB) Paper presented at the European Conference of Educational Researchers, Gothenberg, 2008

Stiell B, Shipton L, Coldron J, Coldwell M (2008) Choice Advice: an Evaluation for DCSF
> Download report (PDF 701KB) / research brief (PDF 162KB)

Shipton L, Stiell B, Willis B, Wolstenholme C, Coldron J (2008) Choice Advice: Results of a Pilot Evaluation (PDF 129KB) for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)

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Bernadette Stiell, Lucy Shipton, Sue Yeandle (2006) Caring for Sick or Disabled Children (PDF 641KB) for CarersUK

Yeandle S, Bennett C, Buckner L, Shipton L, and Suokas A (2006) Who Cares Wins: The Social and Business Benefits of Supporting Working Carers (PDF 571KB) for CarersUK

Yeandle S, Shipton L, Buckner L (2006) 'Local Challenges in Meeting Demand for Domiciliary Care' for the following Local Authorities Birmingham (PDF 577KB), Newcastle (PDF 529KB), Sandwell (PDF 566KB), Somerset (PDF 2.45MB), Thurrock (PDF 407KB), West Sussex (PDF 563KB) (part of the Gender and Employment in Local Labour Markets Project)