Dr Bronwen Maxwell

Job title: 
Deputy head of CEIR / principal lecturer in professional development

Phone 0114 225 5166
E-mail b.maxwell@shu.ac.uk

Research interests/current work

The core areas of my research focus on:

Professional learning and development - focusing on early career development, workplace learning, teacher wellbeing, wider workforce training and development and learning in partnerships.

School-led Collaborative Research & Development - exploring the ways in which schools collaborate and engage in R&D, the impact of this activity and the processes of knowledge generation and mobilisation in this context.

Impact Measurement - including the use of theories of action/change and randomised control trials

Current projects

  • Evaluation of the EEF scale–up campaign for the use of evidence about effective deployment of teaching assistants: Process and implementation Evaluation, 2015-2016, for the Education Endowment Foundation – Lead Director
  • Evaluation of DfE policy on evidence – based teaching, 2014- 2016, with the Institute of Education, UCL and Durham University for DfE - Lead for Qualitative Strand
  • Research into the development of subject specific modules for vocational STEM teacher in the FE and Skills sector, 2014-2015, grant from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation - Principal Investigator
  • Evaluation of the Shanghai Teacher- Exchange Programme and Implementation of a Mastery approach in English primary schools, 2014-2017 for DfE – Co-Director with responsibility for the qualitative strand.

Research collaborations

Current and recent research collaborations with the Institute of Education, UCL, University of Durham, Queens University , Belfast and the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Selected publications (2008 and onwards)

Journal Articles

Duckworth, V. and Maxwell, B. (2015) Extending the mentor role in initial teacher education: Embracing social justice International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching 4, 1, 4-20

Maxwell, B. (2014) Improving workplace learning of lifelong learning sector trainee teachers in the UK Journal of Further and Higher Education 38,3, 377-399

Maxwell, B. (2010) Teacher knowledge and initial teacher education in the English learning and skills sector. Teaching Education 21, 4, 335–348

Maxwell, B. (2010) In-service initial teacher education in the learning and skills sector in England: integrating course and workplace learning In Vocations and Learning 3, 3 185–202

Simkins, T., Maxwell, B. and Aspinwall, K. (2009) developing the whole school workforce: building cultures of engagement. In Professional Development in Education 35: 3 p 433–450

Maxwell, B. (2009) Becoming a teacher in the learning and skills sector: Conceptual and practice development. In Research in Post-Compulsory Education 14:4 p459–478

Published reports

Coldwell M, Maxwell B, Shipton L, Boylan M (2010) Assessing the Impact of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) on Teachers and Learners for NCETM

Hobson, A.J., Maxwell, B., Stevens, A., Doyle, K. & Malderez, A. (2015) Mentoring and coaching for teachers in the Further Education and Skills Sector in England: London: Gatsby Charitable Foundation  Full ReportSummary Report

Maxwell, B., Greany, T., with Aspinwall, K., Handscomb, G., Seleznyov, S and Simkins, T., Approaches to research and development for 'great pedagogy' and 'great CPD' in teaching school alliances. Research Report. National College of Teaching and Leadership  Full Report 

Maxwell, B., Burnett, C. Reidy, J. and Willis, B. (2015) Evaluation of the Oracy Curriculum, Culture and Assessment Toolkit: Evaluation report and executive summary. Education Endowment Foundation. Full Report

Maxwell, B., Connolly, P., Demack, S., O'Hare, L., Stevens, A and Clague, L. (2014) Evaluation of the Summer Active Reading Programme Education Endowment Foundation  Full Report, Summary Report

Maxwell, B., Connolly, P., Demack, S., O'Hare, L., Stevens, A and Clague, L. (2014) Evaluation of the TextNow Transition Programme Education Endowment Foundation  Full Report, Summary Report

Maxwell, B., Hodge, N., McCaig, C. and Steill, B. (2012) Evaluation of the Family of Schools Exceptional Needs Pilot Project Sheffield City Council

Coldwell M, Maxwell B, McCaig C, Davies J and Stevens A (2011) NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools Synthesised key findings from all five stages of the NQT Quality Improvement Study (PDF 644KB)