Deepening our understanding of R&D in teaching school alliances

Deepening our understanding of R&D in teaching school alliances: an opportunity to build on the existing R&D work of teaching school alliances in themes 1 and 2 through additional data collection and analysis

The project is a continuation of the National College Research and Development themes work. There are three additional research questions to draw on the existing evidence being gathered. In addition, there are two additional data collection activities

  • a survey of the head teachers and leaders in all the schools involved in the R&D projects under themes 1 and 2
  • case study visits to five alliances to explore the three additional questions posed above.

Dates: March 2014 - November 2014

Funding: £14,892

A report will be produced for November 2014.

Project team

Deputy head of CEIR / principal lecturer in professional development

Client or Funder

Institute of Education London (for National College)