Bernadette Stiell

Job title: 
Senior research fellow

Phone 0114 225 6063

Bernadette Stiell joined the Centre in January 2005. Her main research interests are around social inclusion, equality and diversity issues in relation to education and employment policy and practice.

Prior to this, Bernadette was a senior research officer in the Department of Education and Skills (DfES), gaining valuable experience in commissioning and managing a range of educational research projects. Before that, she was a researcher in the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University, conducting a number of social research projects focused on gender and employment, and care-related issues.

Her research has included

  • evaluations of local authorities' Choice Advice service to parents applying for secondary school places for their Y6 children (Department for Children, Schools and Families [DCSF])
  • research into the employment patterns and experiences of ethnic minority women (European Social Fund)
  • research on combining unpaid caring and employment (funded by Carers UK)
  • an investigation of the care of older people and care work as an occupation (European Social Research Council [ESRC]'s Future of Work programme)
  • a study of Employment in Household Services (European Foundation, Dublin)
  • evaluation of initiatives to enhance the employment prospects of lone parents (Employment Service)
  • evaluating equality issues in grant-making practices (New Opportunities Fund [NOF])
  • research into domiciliary care work among women from ethnic minorities in Toronto, Canada

Selected publications

Research reports

Wolstenholme C, Coldwell M, Stiell B (2014) Independent Review Panel and First-tier Tribunal Exclusion Appeals systems for Department for Education
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Coldwell, M, Shipton, L, Stevens, A, Stiell, B, Willis, B and Wolstenholme, C (2011) Process evaluation of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Pilot for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Formby, E, Coldwell M, Stiell B, Demack S, Stevens A, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B (2011) Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education: A mapping study of the prevalent models of delivery and their effectiveness for Department for Education
> Download research report from DfE website
> Download research brief from DfE website

Stiell B, Willis B, Stevens A, Wolstenholme C and Maxwell B (2010) School meal uptake research in Rotherham, for Rotherham MBC and NHS Rotherham

Stiell B, Maxwell B, Willis B, Stevens A (2009) A Community use of Schools in Rotherham (PDF 412KB) for Rotherham MBC

Stiell B, Shipton L, Coldron J, Coldwell M (2008) Choice Advice: an Evaluation for DCSF
> Download report (PDF 701KB) / research brief (PDF 162KB)

Shipton L, Stiell B, Willis B, Wolstenholme C, Coldron J (2008) Choice Advice: Results of a Pilot Evaluation (PDF 129KB) for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)

Coldron J, Tanner E, Finch S, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B, Demack S, Stiell B (2008) Secondary School Admissions. Sheffield Hallam University with National Centre for Social Research. DCSF (Report DCSF-RR020)

Stiell, B.; Shipton, L. and Yeandle, S. (2006) Caring for Sick and Disabled Children (PDF from Carers UK website). Carers UK

Stiell B and Tang N (2006) 'Ethnic Minority Women and Access to the Labour Market in Newcastle'. Sheffield Hallam University. (Similar reports available for Somerset, Southwark, Camden and Leicester), see Gender and Employment in Local Labour Markets Research Outputs

Kay J, Channer Y, Coldron J, Stiell B, Wolstenholme C, Caillau I (2006) 'Advancing Together Interim Evaluation Report'. Sheffield City Council

Yeandle S, Stiell B, Booth C (2002) 'Grant-making activity in three programmes: An Equality Audit'. NOF/Sheffield Hallam University

Stiell B (2001) 'Shifting boundaries of paid and unpaid work: UK National Profile relating to the care and support of older people'. Sheffield Hallam University/ESRC

Stiell B (2001) 'New Deal for Lone Parents Innovative Pilot: Scoop Aid evaluation'. Employment Service/Sheffield Hallam University

Stiell, B. (2001) 'New Deal for Lone Parents Innovation Pilot: Gingerbread evaluation'. Employment Service/Sheffield Hallam University

Book chapters

Stiell, B. and England, K. (2008) 'Domestic Distinctions: Constructing Difference among Paid Domestic Workers in Toronto'. In M Kimmel, A. Aronson and A. Kaler (eds.) The Gendered Society Reader (Ch 27), Canadian edition, Oxford University Press

Yeandle, S. and Stiell, B. (2007) 'Issues in the development of the Direct Payments scheme for older people in England'. In C.Ungerson and S.Yeandle (eds.) Cash for Care in Developed Welfare States, Palgrave Macmillan: London

Journal articles

Stiell, B., Tang, N., Bennett, C.; and Price, C. (2006) 'Building Policy/Research Relationships: Using Innovative Methodologies to Engage Ethnic Minority Women'. Local Economy 21(2): 211 - 218

Gilbertson, J. and Stevens, M. Stiell, B. and Thorogood, N (2006) 'Home is where the hearth is: Grant recipients views of England's Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (Warm Front)' Social Science and Medicine 63(4): 946-956