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Librarians at Sheffield Hallam University are stacking up the green credentials after finding new homes for 35 trees worth of books through a national scheme to re-use unwanted tomes.

Staff from both learning centres at the University started sending unwanted books to third party seller, BetterWorld Books, in July 2010. The scheme stocks previously used items at a reduced price, with the donating organisation receiving 15 per cent of the gross sale amount. An additional five per cent is donated to the National Literacy Trust.

Jill Hazard, service support adviser at Sheffield Hallam, said: "Since the start of the scheme we've sent 5,153 books - 2,190 of which have already been sold. Using a range of averages BetterWorld measures this as 35 trees worth of books which have found new homes.

"And we now pre-screen every book which is sent, meaning that only stock listed as 'wanted' makes the journey to BetterWorld. This reduces the environmental impact of unnecessary transportation."

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