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Sheffield Hallam University's Academy of Sport and Physical Activity is forming a partnership with South Yorkshire Sport (SYS), giving students opportunities to work on community sport projects in the region.

Chris Cutforth, senior lecturer in the Academy, said: "As student expectations and the needs of employers continue to develop and change, partnerships and collaboration with the sports industry are a vital part of enhancing the student experience.

"This partnership enables us to work together to increase the number and quality of opportunities for students to take part across the whole county. This partnership will formalise our relationship with South Yorkshire Sport, enabling us to work together over the next five years to deliver mutually beneficial partnership activity."

“We’re very pleased to formalise our partnership with Sheffield Hallam University’s Academy of Sport and Physical Activity,” said South Yorkshire Sport director of operations, Helen Marney.

“I’m certain the partnership will reap benefits for the students, both organisations and ultimately for the sports industry by adding to the quality of the workforce."

The partnership with South Yorkshire Sport focuses on a number of key areas:

  • A student internship programme, which provides up to eight students per year with valuable work experience, and gives SYS and selected national governing bodies additional capacity to deliver their priorities in South Yorkshire.
  • A guest lecture programme involving SYS staff sharing their industry knowledge and experience with students.
  • Coach education provision, enabling students to gain coaching awards and practical coaching experience.
  • Leadership and volunteering opportunities for students through South Yorkshire Sport's leadership academy.
  • Research collaborations, providing opportunities for students to apply their research skills to real world sport development problems.
Representatives from the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity, South Yorkshire Sport, and students from Sheffield Hallam
Guy Masterman from the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity Nigel Harrison from South Yorkshire Sport
Chris Cutforth (SHU), Guy Masterman (SHU), Nigel Harrison (SYS) and Helen Marney (SYS)

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South Yorkshire Sport is one of 45 county sport partnerships in England which connect providers of sport and physical activity, such as national governing bodies of sport, local authorities, schools, colleges, universities and local clubs.

Sheffield Hallam's Academy of Sport and Physical Activity brings together sport courses and world-renowned research centres to offer a major centre of excellence for sport industry education, research and consultancy services.

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