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Sheffield Hallam to evaluate youth crime prevention projects

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Sheffield Hallam University has partnered with the Youth Endowment Fund to evaluate a set of projects aimed at stopping children and young people becoming involved in crime.

One of six evaluators, the University will analyse four projects across England and Wales. The first round of 22 projects has been made possible with £16.2 million in funding from the Youth Endowment Fund, with further grants expected to be announced in the coming months.

Academics at the University will be evaluating the projects to understand their approach and effectiveness and to ensure that knowledge of the types of interventions and programmes that are most effective can be shared.

These projects include a school-based drug use prevention programme and a multi-activity personal development programme, teaching effective communication, responsible decision making and resisting social influences.

Professor Mike Coldwell, lead for the evaluation programme at Sheffield Hallam, said: "We are really excited to begin working with the Youth Endowment Foundation evaluating this set of projects, which aim - in different ways - to help children and young people gain the skills and knowledge to improve their life chances and avoid becoming engaged in serious criminal activity.

"Sheffield Hallam is proud to be a key partner in a programme that invests in providing strong evidence to give children and young people a positive future, and build a safer, stronger community.” 

"We've brought together a very experienced, multi-disciplinary team of educational and policy researchers, psychologists, statisticians, sociologists and economists from across the University to deliver these evaluations, demonstrating the breadth of social science research expertise we are fortunate to have here.

Established with a £200 million endowment fund from the Home Office and led by Impetus, in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation and Social Investment Business, the Youth Endowment Fund is dedicated to supporting improved outcomes for children and young people.

Youth Endowment Fund

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From intensive family therapy to street-based and school mentoring programmes, 30,000 young people between the ages of 10-14 will directly benefit from ground-breaking interventions.

Sir Kevan Collins, chair of the Youth Endowment Fund, said: "The safety and wellbeing of young people is our first priority. Our first round of grants is the start of a 10-year programme of work, designed to build a better understanding of what works to prevent young people from being drawn into crime."

Sheffield Hallam University is the most prominent university in the UK for driving improvements in education.  From early years through to higher education, Sheffield Hallam provides over 1,000 qualified teachers each year to the education system regionally and nationally.  

The University works with a range of partners to undertake world-leading education research to inform and influence practice and policy, including working with UK and international governments.

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